Sun Eye Care, P.A.

Our purpose is to provide you with the safest and most current technology and treatments available.
We are the only practice in El Paso using the Intralase IFS laser to perform blade-free iLASIK, all-laser corneal transplantation, and Intacs placement. We use the latest technique in small incision cataract surgery combined with topical anesthesia.
The combination means safer surgery and rarely a need to stop anticoagulant medications. Our patients have the option to choose from among any of the advanced technology lens implants to reduce dependency on glasses after cataract surgery.


Sun Eye Care, the sister organization to Sun Laser Vision Center is where we see patients for general eye examinations and management of ocular disease. Our services include regular examinations, contact lens fitting and glasses prescribing.

We also diagnose and medically manage glaucoma, corneal disease, iritis and intraocular inflammatory conditions, ocular trauma and surgically correct some eyelid and oculplastics disorders.


Our trained contact lens fitting staff are skilled in fitting a variety of contact lenses from standard spherical lenses to more complex bifocal and astigmatism correcting lenses.

Tired of having to deal with cleaning solutions and gritty or dirty contact lenses? Bifocal and astigmatism correcting contact lenses are now available in daily wear for most patients. Ask one of our contact lens fitting specialists for more information.


We carry a wide variety of styles from upscale frames such as Kio Yamato, Maui Jim, Ralph Lauren, Oakley and Elle to very affordable high quality frames and lenses.

Be sure to ask about UV protection. In our high altitude, sunny environment, UV radiation contributes to common eye conditions such as cataract, ptyerigia and macular degeneration. Always consider UV protection in your glasses to block out 100% of UVA and UVB. Lens features such as Prevencia UV coating and Transitions that darken when outside are two good lens products that can help protect your eyes.

Stop by to browse our current frames selection or just for a free tune-up on your current glasses. Ask about any special offerings.


Below are recommendations for frequently asked questions about nutrition and how to improve the health of your eye.

Alternative Medicine Information for Glaucoma (english.pdf) (spanish.pdf)

Findings from AREDS: The Role of Nutrition, Vitamins and Supplements and Lifestyle Choices in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (english.pdf)

Guidelines on placing eye drops – Youtube video from Dr. Hovanesian: