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If your glasses are getting old, or you need an update on your contact lenses prescription or your vision just isn’t as sharp and you want an eye exam, Sun Laser Vision Center is happily accepting new patients.  We perform routine eye exams, fit for contact lenses and dispense glasses. Regular eye exams keep your vision in top focus and can keep your eyes healthy.  Call Sun Laser Vision Center today to schedule an appointment.

Why Have an Eye Exam?

Eye exams at Sun Laser Vision Center are a thorough evaluation of your eye health and vision.  We use state of the art diagnostic devices to image your eye, measure your refraction (the prescription to focus your vision) and to screen for any diseases.  Your eye care expert will perform an exam of your eyes using the latest slit lamp microscope technology and evaluate your retina with dilation of the pupils.  These tests and exams will allow your ophthalmologist or optometrist to improve your vision, prescribe glasses or contacts and diagnose any developing eye conditions. 

What Routine Eye Care Services Are Available?

The routine and specialized eye care services available at Sun Laser Vision Center include:

Prior to joining Sun Laser Vision Center, Sharon Barentine, OD worked many years both in the military and as a civilian contractor.  She specialized in vision correction assessments in soldiers with traumatic brain injury.  She is exceptionally skilled in prism correction and muscle balance correction within glasses.

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

When you arrive at Sun laser vision center for an eye examination friendly staff members will greet you. A technician will record your history and check your vision and eye pressure. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist will review this information and assess your eye health by examining them with a microscope called the slit lamp. Eye exams usually involve dilation of the pupil using drops. If indicated your doctor may suggest tests to help clarify if you have a suspected disease or the current severity of the disease. Once your eye exam and testing is complete, your doctor will suggest treatment options if needed.

Expect your full exam to last 1 to 2 hours. It takes about 30 minutes for the pupils to dilate. It’s always recommended that you have somebody drive you home after your exam because your vision will be blurred by the dilation.

Eye exams are usually painless but you may notice some dryness or irritation after the exam. Your near vision will be blurry for several hours after the exam.

Want to Schedule an Eye Exam?

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Which Eye Care Treatment is Right for Me?

Sun Laser Vision Center’s highly-trained staff and specialists offer several vision-correction and eye care treatments, including:

Contact Lenses

After your contact lens fitting, we will help guide you to choose the best brand and type of lens to tailor to your individual needs. We stock and sell contact lenses ranging from standard spherical lenses to scleral contact lenses, complex bifocal lenses, astigmatism-correcting lenses, and more. We also help to train you in proper care, maintenance and wear of your contact lenses.


Our sister company Solar Optics carries many familiar frame styles but also some unique brands not found anywhere else in El Paso.  High quality manufacturers like Etnia Barcelona, Kio Yamato and XOXO are a Solar Optics exclusives.  We carry other high end frames such as Maui Jim®, Ralph Lauren®, Oakley®, Versace and ELLE®.  For those who are prefer excellent value we also have many high quality affordable frames and lenses as well.  When it’s time for a new look and sharper vision, visit Solar Optics.


During your regular eye exam we can also perform testing to see whether or not you may be a candidate for LASIK or other vision correction surgeries. LASIK is a great option for people who have an active lifestyle and find that glasses or contacts limit their participation. Call or visit Sun Laser Vision Center to schedule your free LASIK screening exam.

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