From wavefront-guided and wavefront optimized treatments to topography driven surgery and iLASIK, Sun Laser Vision Center is the only surgical center in El Paso to use two laser platforms. LEARN MORE


A type of refractive procedure to help correct the most common visual problem, myopia. A removable lens implant that is an attractive alternative to LASIK and other refractive procedures. LEARN MORE


It creates a new visual system inside the eye, one that can provide the focusing power to see near, intermediate and far images with minimal dependence on corrective lenses and is independent of the aging process. LEARN MORE


Keratoconus and corneal ectasia can be debilitating conditions leading to poor vision or vision loss at times uncorrectable even by glasses or contacts. LEARN MORE


When it comes to your eyes, a one size fits all approach is not always best. We are the only facility in El Paso able to provide you with nearly all vision corrective options including the Kamra inlay to correct near vision and reduce dependency on reading glasses, the Visian ICL and Visian Toric ICL to correct higher levels of nearsightedness, clear lens exchange and placement of bifocal lens implants for early cataract or extreme myopia with or without laser assistance, laser assisted Intacs implants to correct irregular astigmatism as well as treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia with collagen cross linking among other procedures. Dr. Michael Foote was the first surgeon in the El Paso area to perform many of these procedures and our facility remains the only location providing all of these options.


We consider patient safety to be the first, last and most important part of any surgery. For that reason we have taken on the process to ensure our in-office operating facility meets or exceeds the rigorous safety requirements of the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF). Achieving this accreditation is not easy nor is it required by the state of Texas but we are happy to take this step in commitment to your safety.


This place is eye-opening! Literally, they are outstanding at their services. I give them 5 stars because all of the time before and after my procedure they made me feel like I was their only patient. They were assuring and completely reliable. Best service in El Paso and the results? I got 20/15 vision now is like I’m seeing in HD. Best decision I have made I’m happy with my results and the whole process. Thank you for everything!

Ana O.– Lasik Patient